How to solve an industrial noise problem?

Industrial noise is much more than just a workplace annoyance. It is a significant challenge that can have broad implications for health, safety, and productivity within your company.

Objective of the checklist: To provide a practical step-by-step guide to solving an industrial noise problem in your company.

A checklist to understand the steps of an industrial noise reduction project.
Discover the 4 phases in solving an industrial noise problem.
Learn the steps to solve your noise problem and select the right experts.

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Table of Contents


01 - Introduction

02 - The checklist

03 - Phase 1: Identify the Noise Issue

05 - Phase 2: Analyze Noise Sources with Experts

08 - Phase 3: Find the Best Soundproofing Solution

09 - Phase 4: Acoustic Measurements to Assess Effectiveness

10 - Conclusion


The Checklist for Resolving Industrial Noise Issues

Industrial noise goes beyond a mere workplace annoyance. It poses a significant challenge with far-reaching implications for health, safety, and productivity within your company.

The purpose of this checklist is to guide you through the process of resolving industrial noise issues, highlighting the strategic importance of this endeavor for the overall performance of your business.


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Prioritizing Industrial Noise Reduction

Fighting industrial noise helps reduce risks associated with excessive noise exposure, promoting the auditory health of your employees.

Operationally, noise reduction contributes to increasing the efficiency of your facilities, optimizing the overall performance of your company. Discover how our proactive approach can transform the challenge of industrial noise into an opportunity for innovation, well-being, and success for your organization.


The issue of industrial noise is not insurmountable.
Discover the checklist that will show you why.